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 Commercial Services Background  
DUCTBUSTERS® has been responsible for remediation of some of the sickest buildings in America.

The Polk County Courthouse in Bartow, Florida is just one of the more extensive microbial projects conducted to date.

High levels of Aspergillus Niger and Aspergillus Fumagatus were discovered throughout the facility, causing the 600 employees to be evacuated for over three years. All remediation activities were conducted under the strictest levels of cleanliness. The entire project was conducted chemical free with all ductwork meeting never-before-seen criteria. The environmental consultant was responsible for inspecting every 50' of ductwork throughout the 30,000 linear foot project. All ductwork had to be wipe-sampled and visually inspected, then sampled for microbiological content. The project required the ductwork to be spore-free with a zero growth tolerance on the test data. Of the 30,000 linear feet of ductwork cleaned, only 50' had to be re-cleaned due to elevated levels of microbiologicals. Asbestos abatement protocols and clean-room technology were used to keep the building divided and avoid cross-contamination.

Along with the ductwork, all internal spaces of the facility had to be cleaned. This section of the project required 25 environmental workers for seven months to clean the spaces and required strict project management due to the 4 day per floor movement cycle, which involved seven trades. DUCTBUSTERS® was responsible for completely revising the project timelines shortly after the project began to keep all the trades on track.

The Pinellas County Courthouse is an indication of the rapid response capabilities DUCTBUSTERS® has. The courthouse, which is attached to a maximum-security prison, was diagnosed to contain the Legionella bacteria. Three people contracted Legionnaire's disease. DUCTBUSTERS® was called in after the original contractor attempted to staff up to handle the complex problems. We mobilized and had on location an emergency response team of ten workers within 24 hours of the initial call. DUCTBUSTERS® was specifically contracted to clean the units which were dispersing the Legionella bacteria. There were 68 units on location, of which we cleaned half, and we completed the project in one week. All workers were personally escorted by prison guards throughout the project, hampering productivity. However, the management team made modifications to the normal cleaning protocols to increase production to the highest rate under the circumstances.

Every hospital we clean requires unique cleaning protocols specifically designed for the facility. With this in mind DUCTBUSTERS® uses a site survey, scope of work and management style which allows for variation and changes during the initial building assessment. The ability for DUCTBUSTERS® to handle an entire building remediation if necessary has proven to be an asset to those customers with high-profile, complex projects which require other trades to perform additional work. Our quality control assurance program, which is outlined in the Mechanical Hygiene Specifications for HVAC and Duct Systems, allows for self-verification before final verification by the customer.


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Locate A DUCTBUSTERS® Near You Or Call 1-877-382-8987 or click on mouse

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Schedule an appointment today!

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