DUCTBUSTERS® Franchise Network Expands into New England
DUCTBUSTERS® Franchise Network Expands into New England
August 25, 1998

DUCTBUSTERS® , the HVAC system and air duct cleaning industry’s most dynamic franchise network, has announced the establishment of its first New England-based franchise. The seventeenth DUCTBUSTERS® owner is based in Worcester, Massachusetts. Twenty-three exclusive areas have now been licensed by the Clearwater, Florida-based franchisor.

Fred and Rona Powers and their partner Kevin Wilson purchased their DUCTBUSTERS® franchise this summer and will begin serving the residential and light commercial markets September 1, 1998. Their backgrounds are well suited to HVAC cleaning. Fred and Kevin have worked in the pest control industry for most of their lives. "Often we would get called to remove dead animals from ventilation ducts, and it never failed to amaze me how dirty they were," said Fred, whose sales and management experience will be the driving force behind the success of the DUCTBUSTERS® franchise in Worcester.

Rona Powers, a career nurse, also knows the necessity for cleaning. "Allergy and asthma patients would tend to increase at the start of the heating season, when New Englanders begin using their ventilation systems. Logic tells you a dirty system should be cleaned," remarked Rona.

The Worcester franchise marks DUCTBUSTERS® debut in New England. "We are definitely spreading out, with franchises as far west as Texas and now up north in Massachusetts. In the next twelve months we will be nation wide," said Tom Yacobellis, President and CEO of DUCTBUSTERS® .

Part of the reason for DUCTBUSTERS® rapid growth is their complete turn-key franchise package. A federally registered name and logo with great visibility, patented cleaning processes, customized computer software systems, total financing program, and comprehensive training facilities make DUCTBUSTERS® the obvious choice for those entering the HVAC system cleaning field. "We visited DUCTBUSTERS® and liked what we saw. They weren’t pushy because they don’t have to be. They offer a great franchise and their own successful DUCTBUSTERS® business was all the proof we needed," commented Rona.

While territories are selling fast, DUCTBUSTERS® franchises are still available in many parts of the United States. Overseas franchises, like the three sold in India, can also be obtained. For more information call DUCTBUSTERS® at 1-877-382-8987, or visit their site on the world-wide-web at www.ductbusters.com.

Buster Enterprises Inc. is the franchisor of DUCTBUSTERS®, the indoor air quality, remediation and diagnostic network. The leader in IAQ franchises, they offer training, support, patented remediation methods, a clearly recognizable name and logo, and the most advanced and effective business management system of its kind.

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