DUCTBUSTERS® Franchise Network Expands Coast-to-Coast
DUCTBUSTERS® Joins Florida Coalition to Ensure Residents Receive Dependable HVAC System Inspections and Cleaning.
September 2004

DUCTBUSTERS®, Your Indoor Air Quality Resource announced its participation as a participating member of the Florida Coalition of Healthy Indoor Environments (FCHIE).
DUCTBUSTERS® joined the FCHIE to support the organization’s efforts to provide basic protection for Florida consumers from inadequate diagnosis and poor workmanship. Tom Yacobellis, president and CEO of DUCTBUSTERS® said, “DUCTBUSTERS®  mission is to provide a safe method for reducing indoor air pollution and minimizing the effects of building-related problems.
“Every individual has the right to live, work and play in a healthy indoor environment,” stated Tom Yacobellis, Chairman of FCHIE. “When consumers do not have access to equal protection under the law, everyone is a potential victim.” FCHIE was formed to bring attention to the need to correct language in Florida House Bill 1215 that currently exempts the need for using a properly trained and licensed mold assessor or mold remediation specialist in certain situations where the input of an expert is critical to maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

DUCTBUSTERS® was founded after repeated request from their A/C service customers who were trying to find a safe method for cleaning and sanitizing their air conditioning equipment. Our mission is to provide a safe method for reducing indoor air pollution and minimizing the effects of building-related problems. We provide specialized attention to the air conditioning system so we could maximize the unit’s efficiency, while still providing a safe, clean method of reducing dust, pollen, mold, dander and bacteria in the indoor environment. DUCTBUSTERS® was born and incorporated in 1989.

Now in its 16th year of operation, DUCTBUSTERS® prides itself on providing the highest quality work in the industry. DUCTBUSTERS® holds the patent on a “Foil-Lining Process,” uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques and is considered the forerunner in the industry. The Clearwater, Florida based operation has grown into the Nation’s largest IAQ remediation network, with franchises throughout the country. For more information on DUCTBUSTERS® visit www.ductbusters.com .

Buster Enterprises Inc. is the franchisor of DUCTBUSTERS®, the indoor air quality, remediation and diagnostic network. The leader in IAQ franchises, they offer training, support, patented remediation methods, a clearly recognizable name and logo, and the most advanced and effective business management system of its kind.

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