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HealthWatch - Dustbusters Hope to Add Years to Your Life
September 4, 2002

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Sept. 4 - Jeff Lapidus knows all about Alabama's hot weather. He spends a lot of time outside, looking for anything out of the ordinary on air conditioners.

"Now we just opened up this unit and you can see right here on the evaporator coil - that's a combination of dust and mold," Lapidus said.

Mold and other spores are common finds for Jeff Lapidus. The self-proclaimed indoor-air quality expert works in Huntsville. He owns a local franchise called Ductbusters.

"In the majority of our jobs - we'll leave the system better than what we found it," Lapidus said. What exactly does his crew of four usually find? When cleaning an air system, leaky ductworks and broken filters almost always show up.

"As soon as we open up their unit and basically show them it's a science experiment gone wrong, they say 'when can you start?'
Using air-filtering masks, Jeff's ductbusters crawl into tight spaces. They use everything from a $5,000 machine capable of removing anthrax to a $.50 tooth brush. It's all an effort to restore a system to its original health. It's also a good way to add years to a
person's life.

"Think of the house as a body. If the airways aren't totally clear, the house isn't going to breathe effectively which means you have a higher utility bill. From a health standpoint, if you don't get rid of all the contaminants, then the house is going to make you sick,"
Lapidus said.

To check out Jeff Lapidus' services, you can read about them and even schedule an appointment through the Ductbusters website: www.ductbusters.com. For a personal talk with Lapidus, contact (256) 880-7393.

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