September 8, 1999

[Clearwater] -- Last year, a high-ranking government official in Brazil died from a fungal infection that was diagnosed to have come from the air conditioning system. Because of this, the country passed a law that all ductwork in public buildings had to be cleaned.

Needless to say, there has been quite a bit of activity in Brazil’s duct cleaning industry since the law passed. Buster Enterprises has also had numerous inquiries through our Web site from companies in Brazil wanting more information on what we offer. However, after talking with several companies, and visiting face to face with five of them, we still didn’t feel the right people had come along.

All that has changed since we met and talked with Hamilton de Brito, Jr. of Credere Consultoria e Fomento Mercantil Ltda. in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Hamilton contacted us and proposed we negotiate a joint venture relationship for a Master Franchise for the country of Brazil. After 2 1/2 days of discussing his proposal, we came to an agreement and DUCTBUSTERS is now represented in our second international operation. As part of the arrangement, the Credere group has purchased the expansion rights to the state of Sao Paulo. In addition, they have also purchased DB21, the first operational franchise in the city of Sao Paulo which will be run by Eduardo Viscome. Preparation is under way to ship all the equipment and supplies to Brazil, purchased while they were here.

Buster Enterprises Inc. is the franchisor of DUCTBUSTERS®, the indoor air quality, remediation and diagnostic network. The leader in IAQ franchises, they offer training, support, patented remediation methods, a clearly recognizable name and logo, and the most advanced and effective business management system of its kind.

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